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Published on 28 July 2020 at 08:42

Priti J has lived a life across cultures. She is an outspoken representative of her gender; still unsure whether she represents liberation, or equity. She writes short fiction, satirical pieces, and poetry. Armed with majors in finance and economics, Priti finds inspiration for her stories, poetry, and her reading glasses in odd places. She also has designs upon people, and pounces upon the unsuspecting to imprint them with her digital images. 

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Inner Circle Writer's Magazine/ CafeLit/ Writer's Club/ Twine & Twain/ Academy of the Heart and Mind/ Personal Bests Anthology (upcoming)

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Steven Lester Carr / SweetyCat Press / P.C. Dark cliff / Angelika Delf / Patt O' Neil / Sharon Frame Gay / Carmen Baca / Christine Tabaka / Jill Clarke / C.S Steele / Barrio Blues Press/ Radical Books & Politics by Maria J. Estrada / The Topaz Journal,  and the list keeps growing. 

Her story 

In a world where I could be anything - I chose to be a bank auditor. From the college debate team captain and sportswoman (hockey, athletics) to financial auditor - a journey of Alicelike proportions. Then I started to complain about it, and even the bankers found me boring (with due respect to the colour grey)  "Get a major in finance," they said. "Join the exciting world of finance, they said!" Well, I'm looking for them now and they're hiding. If you see them, call me. There'll be a reward! I've travelled a bit, looking for them - lived in 6 countries, and now can curse in nine languages. Yes, I have put sailors to shame.  So I quit, and right on time as my daughter chose to present herself then, and earned her moniker 'Jungle Girl.' It's been a long five years. Are bank audits exciting yet?  As you know by now, I also need to be told to stop talking. Never used a word where I could use four. "Better sense prevails," they said. "But nonsense persuades," I retorted. Now I'm hiding and they're looking for me. Don't tell them - there'll be a reward.  I also got a major in education while working - which thankfully nobody said I should. And did it come in handy. Tragedy struck, world came crashing down. Once, twice, thrice in a row: So, with a little daughter and personal tragedy looming, I said to myself, "Now what?" The life of creature comfort I was used to was lost, and it got as grim as the reaper - the reaper was the elephant in the room.

Fortunately, I found myself in the midst of some excellent company (my husband Jay's friends initially - the writing community he was part of) who became my dear ones eventually, rallied around me, helped me up through every manner possible. I'd always known writers to be a kind and sensitive tribe, and this reaffirmed my knowledge.  At the time, as they do, the ghosts of creativity which lurked inside pounced upon me, unsuspectingly. They whispered "Priti, how would you like to write?" I was too weak to fight them. I wrote, I showed my work to some stellar writer friends, and was told it was good. That I should submit. I did, and publications started to accept.

I've always loved poetry and satire, so I began with these genres. I found the melancholic variety too speaks to me. I started to write in that genre. I grew up in a multi cultural environment, along with tales from across cultures, and soon found great friends in books. I drew upon that reminiscence and began to write multicultural stories for children.

The advice I've received from said stellar writers, which has held me since in good stead is - be brave about your writing. Face rejection and resubmit as soon as rejected. Do not let it bog you down.

My writing space is a duration of the day, from dawn to mid morning - that is when I am at my creative best, I find. That is also the time my daughter is still asleep, and both my hands can be used for writing (instead of on my head, tearing my hair out) - yes I am ambidextrous - Oh, the shame!!! I write longhand on my balcony, and type in the bathroom.

I've always wanted to be a travel writer - the travel happened, extensively, and the writing is happening now. All that remains is to combine the two. Soon. My favourite destination in my country is my home state of Kerala. It is known as Gods Own Country, and for all the right reasons. Internationally, it is a toss up between elegant Paris, the countryside of Staffordshire in England, and rugged Scotland. Moving along, the creative ghost wasn't satisfied with the writing I fed it - it had designs upon my mind. So I designed. I was encouraged to do more, write more, design more, and put it out there, by my friend, my benefactor, and mentor - Steve Carr. I put it out, and the community once again responded with alacrity. PritiJ Designs was added to Author PritiJ, and here we are, guest on this exciting new platform by my friend Sandra Nguyen, which holds great promise, like her writing.

I am also employed as personal ogre to my daughter. And if you think ogres ought to have four hands, please stand up and be counted.

I hope I can never write well enough to be able to thank the writing community enough for supporting me - I shall like to pass on the kindness to someone who needs it, to stand up for someone, like you've done for me. .

I warned you earlier. I need to be told to zip it. But will I listen? Now that's another story...

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