Into the forest

Written by: Sandra Nguyen 

Into the forest

Under hues and shades of greens

Until city lights fade away

And the noise crumble within 


Follow the path

Trodden but less traveled by 

Furnished with wildflowers and outgrown roots

Fallen leaves and twigs crunch underfoot


Hear the forest hums with life

Ambient sound of birds, insects and creek

Serenity flows like river waters

Of melody and music without rhythm and sound


Breathe in the fragrance of damp earth

Wildness of mushrooms and fresh rain drops

Bracing scent of sweet, refreshing

Coniferous aroma and evergreen


Into the forest

When the day is growing old and the soul is weary

Walk slowly and stay awhile

Soak in the peace and fragrant of nature 


© Sandra Nguyen 


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Priti J
a year ago

Such a lovely poem.

The Topaz Journal
a year ago

Thank you my friend­čî╣