A day at the beach

Written by: Sandra Nguyen 

Warm blue waters

Soft white sands

Leaving footprints where sea meets shore 


A curtain of silk

Of tufty clouds of white

Drifting past


Seagulls circle in the sky

Scribbles of sandpipers running fast

And shells adorn along the path 


Shimmering reflection of sapphire water

Golden sunlight gleaming flawless

Jade green seaweeds washed ashore


Soothing sea breeze

Calms the turmoil of the mind

Wiping prints of yesterday 


© Sandra Nguyen 

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Priti J
a year ago

Love this poem. Soulful!

The Topaz Journal
a year ago

Thank you so much Priti ❤️ ❤️ ❤️